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Out & About

Ingii came by this afternoon and kidnapped Sam and me so I could get out of the house and Chris could get some much needed alone time.
We had lunch at California Pizza Kitchen; Ingii and I shared a BBQ chicken pie and Sam got his very own pepperoni pizza.
Oh, he thought it was the coolest thing ever!

After lunch, we went to Vicki Secret's to exchange the undies Mom got me (I can't stand boy shorts/hipsters) for my usual high-leg briefs.
Seamless and extremely comfy!
I was afraid they would balk at swapping them, as most places tend to be with panties, but the only problem we ran into was finding enough pairs in my size and colors that wouldn't make me puke.
For some reason, all the shades popular this season seem intent upon making me look like I've gone into liver failure.
Since the sizes were all jumbled up in the drawers, a very nice saleslady went to the back and brought out every single pair they had in that fabric.
I now have six pairs of very pretty panties.
Never underestimate the power of pretty panties!

Waiting in line at Cup O' Joe, Sam started begging for coffee of his own.
The barista was nice enough to give him a small coffee cup with "coffee" (water) in it.
Again, coolest thing ever!

We perused Build-A-Bear for a birthday present for Dad (he turns 52 tomorrow).
We struck out there, but I did manage to find a spiffy book at the Discovery Channel Store.
I hope he likes it.

We struck out again at DSW, looking for sneakers and sandles for Ingii.
Ah, well.
She'll find some somewhere else, I'm sure.

All in all, it was a great afternoon out.
We even managed to dodge all the little rain showers as we hopped from store to store.

Now that I'm home, I think I'll take my meds and have a bit of a nap.
All that walking around and Sam chasing--even with Ingii's help--has worn me out.
He's quite the little free spirit, to say the least!


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