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Birthday Success!

We had Maddie's birthday breakfast party this morning.
I arranged the early-morning gathering in a fit of desperation, and it actually turned out quite nicely.
Last year on her birthday, we woke up to 3/8" of ice stuck to everything and no power (or heat) in the house.
We managed to take her to the movies, but there was no cake or dinner out or anything.

I was bound and determined to make this year's celebration better for her.
I let her pick the restaurant and then called Bob Evans to have them set aside a big table for Maddie, Sam, Chris, all four grandparents, my brother, two of her friends and myself.

I also snuck in a surprise for her.
You should have seen the look on her face when the manager walked up with a stack of three HUGE M&M's pancakes, complete with eight candles!!!
After all, what better cake could there be for a birthday breakfast?

She made out like a bandit, too.
A Razr scooter, Eeyore hat and gloves, a twirly snowman atop a tube full of candies and two hand-sewn (by Grandma) nighties from Grandma Christy & Grandpa Bob.
Clothes from Grandma Toy & Grandpa Bernie.
A stained glass window decal kit, a GameBoy Pokemon game, a GameCube Pokemon game, the skirt and top outfit Amber picked out, a long-sleeve tee, two pairs of funny socks and Clue from Chris, Sam & me.

I have to go now.
If I don't the Birthday Girl will have me tarred and feathered for not helping her with the Yule tree.



...mushroom! mushroom!...

P.S. It's all Becki's fault for reminding me of the site.
Open Mic.

I have just turned the annon on.

Open mic time- tell me
something real, something true, something about you. Or anything, really, as
long as it's honest. Anonymous commenting is on, and IP logging is disabled from
now until Wendsday, so feel free to speak your mind. Nobody here but us maniacs.

Come on in, shout out loud, but just don't leave a gorram mess on the
rutting carpet.

Have You Seen This Bear?

I'm sorry to announce that Sam's beloved Bear-Bear is falling apart...Literally.
So far, I've sewn up his crotch, foot, chin, back, tummy, leg and an amputated ear.
Tonight, I had to sew his head back on.
His head can't turn anymore but at least it won't fall off in Sam's lap and scare him to death.
I'm afraid he won't last much longer, what with all the abuse he takes from my dear little walking tornado.

I'm desperate to find a back-up Bear-Bear for when this one finally does bite the dust.
There's just one problem.
We can't seem to find the same bear anywhere.
He came in a gift basket from the hospital when Sam was born and he doesn't have any brand markings at all.
We've looked all over the internet in and every store we can find that sells teddy bears with no luck.
Chris even tried calling the maternity ward at Riverside to see if they might know where he came from!
We've found bears that look similar, but I don't think Sam would accept anything but an exact double.
I'm posting this in the hopes that someone out there might be able to point me in the right direction.

Here are Bear-Bear's stats:
He's 15" tall, medium brown, velvet paws, a triangular black nose, nappy fur, a slight pot belly and black button eyes, with articulated shoulders, head (formerly) and hips.

If anyone has any idea where I might find a new Bear-Bear, let me know.
Sam is a wreck without him.
Without Bear-Bear, he's almost impossible to get to sleep at night and won't nap at all.

I'm even making this post Public so anyone who knows someone who might be able to get their hands on one can read it.
I'm open to any and all suggestions.

Off We Go

Wish me luck.
I'm hopped up on Valium.
I have promised myself a treat if I'm a good girl.
I have to stop putting off getting ready and go get dressed now.

A Rare Public Post


This author is donating a dollar to the Red Cross for every post he gets on his LJ. So take an instant and psot a hello. Contribute to the cause.
I just got home from my consultation with the spine specialist.
It turns out that I don't seem to have one thing wrong with my back, but two.
1.) I have two deteriorated disks at the bottom of my spine that are also trying to ooze their way out of position.
These could (and probably are) pinching nerves and causing the icky bad shooting pains down my legs.
2.) I ~could~ have a problem with the actual spinal joints themselves.
That would explain the rest of the pain in my back and why I can't bend as well as I used to.

The plan of action is to start with a lumbar nerve block.
With luck, that will take care of the joint problems.
They're going to give me a pain diary and see how much it helps over time.

After that, there will likely be cortisone steroid injections to the disks themselves.
That should reduce the inflammation and relieve pressure on the nerves, quieting the unpleasantness.

If neither of these work, they may go in with a mini soldering iron and just fry the nerves that go to the affected parts of my spine.
It won't affect my leg function or anything; just (hopefully) permanently kill the pain.

We'll see how things go.

I don't like the sound of any of it, as all of the procedures involve someone I hardly know poking around my spine with pointy objects.

Just A Quick Update

I just got home from my semi-annual hair cut.
It's back to the top of my shoulders and it's doing the fun Mary Tyler Moore flip that I love so much.
It's a bit of a splurge to get my hair done at Kenneth's, but it's far better to get a good cut twice a year than several shitty ones.

Chris and I took Maddie to see "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" this afternoon.
Ingii came over and watched Sam.
Letting him miss his nap is a very dangerous thing.

The movie was cute.
It's terribly silly, but the characters seemed a bit more well-rounded.
I liked the old Oompa Loompas better, though.

Sam has gone from walking to trying to climb everything.
Couches, steamer trunks, me--He isn't picky.
If it's higher up than he is, he wants to climb it.

I still haven't found the paper with my spine specialist referral on it.
I guess I'll have to call Dr. D's office Monday and get the number.

That's about it for me.
The Wellbutrin seems to be working fairly well.
We'll see if it keeps up.

B Is For "Bigot"

Actually, C is for "Cricket", but you wouldn't know that to listen to Sam's new talking toy turtle...especially when he goes into one of his random button-smashing fits.
Apparently, Sam can smash buttons faster than the turtle can talk.
While Chris was home for lunch, we suddenly heard, "B is for B is for B is for Bigot. Heeheehee! Play with me! Wiggle, wiggle!"
Chris and I both took a double-take and eventually figured out what had happened.
After a short burst of somewhat confused giggling, Chris got up and turned the turtle off.

I'm not quite sure what to think of this new toy...

I NEED A Vacation

I haven't spent more than one night at a time out of my house since my honeymoon--almost three years ago.

I'm tired.
I'm tired of dishes.
I'm tired of noise.
I'm tired of having a dark house.
I'm tired of trash bags.
I'm tired of dog slobber.
I'm tired of having a bare flower bed.
I'm tired of never getting the last cookie.
I'm tired of my daughter thinking she lives at Grandma's house.
I'm tired of my daughter choosing Grandma's house over home.
I'm tired of body hair.
I'm tired of strange smells from indisceriable sources.
I'm tired of diapers.
I'm tired of feeling insufficient.
I'm tired of not being able to want sex.
I'm tired of my husband resenting me for not wanting sex.
I'm tired of Prozac.
I'm tired of Seroquel.
I'm tired of Seasonale.
I'm tired of Neurontin.
I'm tired of having to take drugs just to keep me from killing myself or others.
I'm tired of having to be medicated just so I can move.
I'm tired of hearing fireworks all night.
I'm tired of being/feeling fat.
I'm tired of not being able to sleep.
I'm so tired of laundry I haven't even been able to look at it today.
I'm tired of food allergies.
I'm tired of fast food.
I'm tired of feeling guilty for wanting to go to a sit-down restaurant.
I'm tired of $2.30+ gasoline.
I'm tired of clutter.
I'm tired of not being able to vacuum.
I'm tired of cobwebs and the spiders that make them.
I'm tired of dust everywhere.
I'm tired of having a cappuccino machine I have no idea how to use.
I'm tired of my mother treating me like a pariah.
I'm tired of having to cancel plans.
I'm tired of not feeling important.
I'm tired.
I'm tired.
I'm tired.
I'm tired.
I'm tired.