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Sunday Menu

hunter_rose76 is asking me to find out what everyone would like to eat during the baklava festivities.
He has a few things in mind, but he really needs to know if there's anything in particular you gals & your spawn would like.
(((Read:  Please give him some ideas so his head won't explode!)))

Also, if there are any dietary omissions that need to be made, that would be handy to know as well.
There will already be no seafood or bananas because of my allergies.
merry_raven has a problem with pork, so there will definitely be some porcine-free fare.
If there's anything else we should know about, let me know.

Damn...It Went Down

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Out & About

Ingii came by this afternoon and kidnapped Sam and me so I could get out of the house and Chris could get some much needed alone time.
We had lunch at California Pizza Kitchen; Ingii and I shared a BBQ chicken pie and Sam got his very own pepperoni pizza.
Oh, he thought it was the coolest thing ever!

After lunch, we went to Vicki Secret's to exchange the undies Mom got me (I can't stand boy shorts/hipsters) for my usual high-leg briefs.
Seamless and extremely comfy!
I was afraid they would balk at swapping them, as most places tend to be with panties, but the only problem we ran into was finding enough pairs in my size and colors that wouldn't make me puke.
For some reason, all the shades popular this season seem intent upon making me look like I've gone into liver failure.
Since the sizes were all jumbled up in the drawers, a very nice saleslady went to the back and brought out every single pair they had in that fabric.
I now have six pairs of very pretty panties.
Never underestimate the power of pretty panties!

Waiting in line at Cup O' Joe, Sam started begging for coffee of his own.
The barista was nice enough to give him a small coffee cup with "coffee" (water) in it.
Again, coolest thing ever!

We perused Build-A-Bear for a birthday present for Dad (he turns 52 tomorrow).
We struck out there, but I did manage to find a spiffy book at the Discovery Channel Store.
I hope he likes it.

We struck out again at DSW, looking for sneakers and sandles for Ingii.
Ah, well.
She'll find some somewhere else, I'm sure.

All in all, it was a great afternoon out.
We even managed to dodge all the little rain showers as we hopped from store to store.

Now that I'm home, I think I'll take my meds and have a bit of a nap.
All that walking around and Sam chasing--even with Ingii's help--has worn me out.
He's quite the little free spirit, to say the least!

Yesterday was supposed to be my day off.
I did, however, arrange to meet with an important client to finalize their order.
{{{It turned out to be right around $7,000, so go me!}}}
{{{And it's all going to be picked up Friday; go me twice!}}}
{{{AND it's still at a REALLY good mark, even with the 25% contractor discount they got; go me 3 times!}}}

Unfortunately, that's where the happy ended.

One of my long-term customers came in, desperate for 220 ft2 of  very discontinued tile.
I'm going to be picking some of it up from the Cleveland store when we go up for the Stewart family Thanksgiving and I'm supposed to "do whatever it takes" to get the rest, up to and including charging them $100 per store I have to have it special delivered from.
I found most of it and am should know about the rest today.

I was just getting ready to do some cuts for a customer of mine who just so happened to pop in while I was finishing up with everyone else when Warehouse Will came back from the first leg of the delivery he was doing for me.
The builder, who had promised me he'd have a whole crew of guys there to help unload the truck hadn't showed and Will had had to tromp up and down a muddy hill with about 3,000 lbs.-worth of tile to put in the customer's garage.
(It's a new build, so the customer wasn't around either.)

Matt hit the fucking roof.
Blah blah blah this and blah blah that like every deliver that has ever gone wrong was somehow MY fault.
He then informed me that I was going to go with Will on the second trip to the site to help him unload since there wasn't anyone else there.
Never mind that I had shit of my own to do (like take Chris to pick his car up from the shop).
And oh, by the way, how the hell are we supposed to cram Will, myself and his two kids into the cab of a Ford F-250 truck?!?

Rather than have to follow Will in my car all the way up to Apple Valley and back, I called Chris and asked him if he'd watch the kids (3 and 5) while we were gone.
He graciously agreed, so I took them to my house while Will got the second load ready.
We left as soon as I got back.
Will was all sorts of appreciative that I brought my iPod along so we could listen to something other than intermittent radio.

11/2 hours later, we got to the house.
Well, NOW the owner and some other guy are both there.
I guess the owner heard about what happened with the first run and came up to make sure the second one was okay.
I explained what happened and made everything right by him.
He still hasn't decided whether or not  to call and waylay Matt for sending my happy ass up there in the first place.

After we unloaded, Mr. F gave us the grand (and I do mean grand) tour.
Three levels of lake-front (okay, artificially-crated pond-front) splendor including 6 bedrooms, 2 decks, a boathouse w/ dock and an all-cedar jacuzzi room!
Naturally, I asked him if he was looking to adopt.
Will and I are now invited to the housewarming party.
It should be one hell of a good time.
We're also going to be taking the kids up at some point to go boating & fishing.
I'm still trying to picture Maddie catching a fish, but we'll see.

After the tour was the 11/2 hour drive back to the store.
My back can barely take 30 minutes in a car with decent suspension before it starts twitching and yelling at me.
Add to that the unloading of another 3,000 lbs. of material (which we thankfully didn't have to tromp up and down the hill to do) and I'm in one hell of a nasty state.

Back at the store, Matt and I had a little chat about his blowing up at me.
He apologized and went up down and everywhere about how he didn't know it would take so long and am I okay, etc.
He also said I can come in an hour late today.
Gee, thanks.

I declared a no-more-yelling-at-Lydia week and left to rescue Chris from Will's kids.
Today, Matt gets to hear about how much fun that was.
If nothing else, it should illustrate to him how far out of their way everyone had to go to accommodate  his little hissy fit.

Kids Say The Darndest Things

While watching the series premier of Jericho (set in Jericho, KS), Maddie got a very pensive look on her face after the big explosion blew up Denver.
Then, she--very seriously--said, "It's a good thing people in Ohio don't blow up things."
There was a long pause and then she continued, "Except Iraq."

My daughter, the next political commentator!

The Birthday Dirge

*very slow minor key*

Happy birthday.
Happy birthday.
People dying everywhere,
Everybody's in despair;
But it's your birthday,
So happy birthday...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, HUNTERROSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ya don't look a day over 28!


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To Whom It May Concern:

While I am supposedly somewhere in the very heart of this whole mess, I actually know blissfully little about the situation as a whole.
In fact, just about everyone seems to know more about what's going on than I do, including a few who have practically been begging to not be involved.
Hell, I don't even know who has said what to whom.

It is my understanding that some very nasty things are being said about me.
If that is not the case, I have been lied to--but that isn't exactly anything new.
If that is the case, that is also nothing new.
It isn't the first time I've been an emotional whipping boy.

Either way, I know I can take solace in knowing that nothing said about me will affect who I am or how I go about living my life.
Yes, it's the old "Sticks and stones may break my bones" tactic, but in this case, I think it's the most appropriate stance for me to take.